Feeding the Economy

hamilton-portThe rest of Canada is beginning to take note of the resurgence of Hamilton as an economic driver of Canada’s economy. The Globe and Mail devoted a large article to just one aspect of our growth, the impact of agriculture on the Port of Hamilton. You can read the full article by clicking on the following link:


My comments quoted in the article relate to the area I refer to as the North Industrial Corridor, which is the stretch from Ferguson Avenue to Eastport Drive along Burlington Street. It is the traditional heartland of Hamilton’s economy and actually stretches beyond into Stoney Creek, as far as Fruitland Road.  We are continuing to create new jobs and the latest figures we have, show that 56% of those new jobs are higher wage, $30 dollars an hour and up. Most people are surprised when they learn these facts, including the impact of agriculture on our economy, well over a billion dollars a year. These are great times for the City of Hamilton, and the rest of the country is starting to recognize this.

*photo credit: The Globe and Mail

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