Welcome to my personal blog

It’s my hope and indeed my mandate that we will engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and provide good information related to the City of Hamilton.  The first task of the Mayor is always to welcome guests, so whether you are a life-long resident or a recent arrival, please accept this invitation to contact my office.  We do […]


The rush to accelerate development on the West Harbour is problematic in view of so many unresolved issues on the affected lands. Most obvious is the railway yard on Stuart Street. What would the impact be on waterfront planning if more than 200 acres fronting a shoreline suddenly became available? I have broached this issue […]


By Reporter Kevin Werner

Bratina plans books, possible run at federal politics, Flamborough chamber hears  By Kevin Werner, METROLAND WEST MEDIA GROUP Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina’s future is loaded with possibilities after a “lifetime” of municipal politics. He is considering a run for federal office, which could possibly happen next year. And he is preparing to write two books […]

The Great LRT Debate

Council has a stated position on the future of transit for the city which I as Mayor fully support. Of course, I have my personal views and with that in mind I’m often asked “So why are you against LRT?” It is important to note the absence of an adjective before “LRT.” The question should […]

City Employment Update

Hamilton Employment Update – February , 2014 Hamilton experienced a sizable reduction in the city’s total unemployment rate from 6.7% in December 2013 to 6.0% in January 2014, at a time when both Ontario and Canada showed increases. When compared with selected southern Ontario cities, Hamilton has the lowest unemployment rate, and had one of […]

Hamilton’s Music History and Future


Council’s decision to create a music department and related cultural policy is solid recognition of the importance of music to Hamilton’s cultural sector. With that in mind, I invited the Spectator music editor Graham Rockingham to join me on my Cable 14 program, “Bob Bratina’s Hamilton” to discuss the role that music has played, and […]